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Med passende mellemrum sender downunder.dk et nyhedsbrev ud til alle medlemmerne af mailinglisten. Man kan melde sig til og fra listen som man har lyst.
Indholdet af nyhedbrevet er meget varierende. Oftest omtales større opdateringer af, og nyheder på downunder.dk, sommetider korte nyheder fra landende Australien & New Zealand.

Se for dig selv om nyhedsbrevet kunne have din interesse. Nedenfor er en liste over nogle af de tidligere afsendte nyhedsbreve.


Tidligere udsendte
Nyhedsbrev December 1999
Nyhedsbrev November 1999
Nyhedsbrev Oktober 1999
Nyhedsbrev Juli 1999
Nyhedsbrev Maj 1999
Nyhedsbrev 2/98
Nyhedsbrev 1/98
Nyheder fra downunder.dk
Nyheder fra downunder.dk
Australia’s honeymoon havens
Automatiseret nyhedsopdateringer
Nyt Forum for downunder.dk
Peter Garrett vil opl›se Midnight Oil
Rockgruppe kommer m›rkelagt by til hj‘lp
Rend og hop
Architectural Interloper Pops Up in Sydney
De spiller som gale i Australien
Nyheder fra Australien
Our queen must be nice, discreet - and fertile
Danes denied a kiss but still love Aussie Mary
Dust storm worst in 30 years
Tourist killed in crocodile attack
Vietnam vets escape from reality on Qld cattle station
Bushfires rage across New South Wales
Property lost as fires continue to burn
Gunman may have changed his looks
Police consider reward for gunman
Mistaken for a gunman, wanderer just wants to do his own thing
My beloved will be found, says outback survivor
$250,000 reward to catch outback killer
Witness tells of terror encounter
Dog day blues for wrong man with the right hair
In the clear but in the dock on seven-year-old drug charge
Girlfriend's plea to gunman: Tell us where Pete is
Man cleared of outback ambush in court
Police clear 'lookalike' suspect
Man with uncanny similarities to NT bandit
NT police cautious about NSW arrest of man fitting gunman's description
Brief taste of normality for ambush victim
Hotel manager who shot two men found not guilty of murder
Night of the hunter
Outback horror hit home with baby
Outback gunman investigation finds footprint
Aboriginal trackers rejoin gunman search
Gunman makes lifesaving mistake: hotelier
Man arrested over hostel stabbing
Aborigines win Native Title over reserves
ANZAC dies
Dharawal dreaming: a ferry from Warrane to Kaiymay
Nicole Kidman arrives home for first time since split
BHP shareholders vote for merger
Beattie unswayed on dingo crackdown
Dingo cull climbs to 22
Surfer may have been bitten by shark
Tasmania bus crash kills four
Accident victim bitten by snake
Thousands still without power after storms
Bushfire threat escalates with strong winds, high temps
Govt under fire over cane toad threat to Kakadu
Australians feel underpaid: survey
Bushfire emergency declared in western NSW
Crocodile hunter cops bite
Suddenly, the sea in front of the cafe was full of blood
Beaches closed, memorial service held for shark victim
Hutchence mum says singer's will a forgery
Charles Perkins dies
Perkins helped better Aboriginal education
Perkins helped better Aboriginal education
Perkins's legacy - Aboriginal people speak for themselves
Perkins dies from renal failure
Perkins made his mark on the world - Ridgeway
Perkins a tireless fighter for his people
Easy train links to Sydney Airport
Touring in Australia
Touring by rail in Australia
Priscillas asked to close the Games
Man faces murder charges over hostel fire
Niende d›dsoffer fra Roskilde
Childers ready for Anne Hostel
Big crowd greets Princess Anne in Childers
Princess Anne visits Childers
Princess Anne's visit to help recovery from backpacker fire
Sydney underworld figure shot
Two Australian pilots die in plane crash
The end of the road
Aboriginal painting fetches record price
Three Aussies, 10 Brits among 18 unaccounted for in hostel fire
Late switch leaves Gosper girl holding the torch
Rural roads beyond their use-by date, say engineers
Get a life, scientists tell extinct tiger
Bushwalkers found alive
Search stepped up for lost teenage bushwalkers
Shark patrol will guard triathletes
Indigenous protestors turn back on Howard
Howard apologises for stolen general denial
Unemployment slips back
Sydney stations given $7 mln facelift
Police shoot Perth teenager in case of mistaken identity
Herron on back foot again
Opposition tries to censure Howard over stolen generation
Tax check threat to thousands
Many reasons to visit Australia in 2000
Australia in the new millennium
Australia's cultural diversity - The whole world within reach
Reconciliation with Australia's Indigenous people
Countdown to Sydney 2000 - the Paralympic Games
Sydney Olympics showcase a new approach to urban ecology
Countdown to Sydney 2000 - the Olympic Games
Queen's lament for deprived Aborigines
Mel Gibson spilder sit talent i den frast›dende kriminalfilm "Payback".
Second only to Centrepoint? It's a tall storey
The incredible shrinking Games pool
Residents take shelter in preparation for cyclone
A flat, mates and Bondi Beach for $63 a week
Olympic faithful left with slim pickings
Bisv‘rm angreb mor og datter i Sydney
Orkan i det nordlige Australien
Nyheder fra Lars Nielsen, Melbourne
Nyhedsskribent fra Melbourne
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