The Authentic Aussie Barbeque
Although the word barbeque comes from the Spanish, Australia is one country which has really taken the BBQ to heart.
Barbequeing is about cooking meat or fish on a metal frame over an open fire.

Want to make a real Aussie. bush Barbeque?
Make a frame of 25 mm angle iron approx, 800 by 400 mm, drop in a steel plate about 10mm thick to occupy half the area, and on the other half place stel bars about 10mm diameter (not too far apart - otherwise those sausages are going to fall through the gaps).
Place the assembly on 10 mm angle iron legs about 300 mm long. Weld the assembly together as required.

FUEL. If you can't get a real bit of Australian hardwood out of the bush, go for any slow burning hard wood. Remember the cooking only starts when the fire has died down to glowing embers.

DRESS. Australians are nomally conservative dressers, except at Barbeques when the code of dress is Tee shirt and shorts and often "thongs" on their feet. As the evening turns cooler there is a tendancy to gather close to the fire, beer in one hand and the other free to proffer advice to the cook. We found there is a tendancy as the evening draws on to kick glowing coals back into their proper place on the fire, It is for this reason we now wear our Blundstone boots on such occasions these days.

COOKING TIP. We don't use marinades.Keep it simple. Just plain good quality steak. Don't play with it once it is on the hot plate.

By Alan Tossell, Tasmania