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Should Australia become a republic?

On Nov 6th Australians will be asked to determine the status of our nation, as described in the Australian Constitution.

The arguments for and against Australia establishing it's own head-of-state have been canvassed for over 150 years, from the Eureka stockade to the townhalls of Bathurst and Bendigo at the turn of the century, to the schools and rotary clubs of recent years. For those who are seeking the detail behind the debate we have assembled a comprehensive selection of words from the WWW.

Australians have shown themselves reluctant to change the Constitution since it was first enacted 99 years ago, but never has there been such an opportunity to understand what we are being asked to consider. In this referendum all you need to know, is a click away. We wish you an informed vote.

The Australian people will be asked to either approve or disapprove a proposed law:

1. To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament. Do you approve of this proposed law?

2. To alter the Constitution to insert a preamble. Do you approve of this proposed law?

Læs mere på følgende adresse: http://www.members.ozemail.com.au/republic/home.shtml